Friday, May 4, 2012

12 Ways to set aside 100 Calories or More at Lunch

  1. Exchange a tuna salad sandwich for a roast grumble sandwich or turkey breast sandwich (clutch the mayo!) at the deli.
  1. At Sonic Drive-In, select a grilled chicken sandwich in place of a chicken club toaster sandwich.
  1. Order thin-crust pizza in preference to hand-tossed or deep dish at your favorite pizzeria.
  2. At Quizno's, exchange a small turkey light sandwich for a daily classic Italian sub.
  1. Exchange beef-based chili for vegetable soup or switch to vegetarian chili.

  1. Compose your own egg salad sandwich, but apply one whole egg and one egg white (be ensure to apply low-fat mayo!) in place of purchasing one at the deli.
  1. At Atlanta Bread Company, swap a Chopstick chicken salad for a house salad with added grilled chicken.
  2. Order a veggie burger in place of a regular burger or a veggie dog in place of a hot dog.
  3. At McDonald’s, order a hamburger Happy Meal in place of a Big Mac and fries.
  4. Top your scorched potato with salsa in place of butter and sour cream.
  5. Select coleslaw over potato salad at the deli.
  6. At Panda Express, select chicken with mushrooms in place of orange chicken.

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